Use of Color

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How do I use color in commerical wine display?

Use of Color

When working with cardboard wine boxes in a commercial wine display, one way of catching shoppers attention is to use what's right in front of them; the colorful boxes. More and more, wineries and vineyards are using high gloss, colorful boxes to make their wines stand out from the crowd. A prime example of a great marketing idea was when the wine Yellowtail was first released. Marketing for the wine included four different colored boxes, all in the warm color category, with top to bottom letters on each one that, if set up correctly, spelled "Yellowtail" in a sunset display of the wine's colors. When displaying your own wine boxes in a commercial wine display, use the colors as much as possible. Set up boxes to run continuously with displayed pictures or stack in starburst or with brightest colors at the top in order to catch the customer's eye.



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