Placement and Structure

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How should I place a wine display?

Placement and Structure

When placing your commercial wine display, make sure you keep it as far as possible from sunlight and heat sources. There's nothing worse than having a great display in front of the window and coming in one morning to find every bottle has popped its cork and exploded all over the shop, or selling a bottle and having the customer return it, complaining that the wine tastes "cooked".

Placement is also important in grabbing attention; too far back and no one sees it, too far forward and people trip, knocking over a bottle of profit. Integrating loose bottles into your commercial wine display is attractive and makes it easier to sell without the customer having to hunt down the single bottles in the store once they see the case display, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure your stacks are sturdy; integrating solid structures such as countertops or built-in wine displays helps you find a good place for display and also helps with the wine displays integrity.



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