The "Where Did You Find That?" Wine Rack

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What about unusual wine racks?

The "Where Did You Find That?" Wine Rack

Along with the traditional wine racks are the wine racks that you couldn't even guess what they were meant for, let alone know that they were meant to hold wine. From rabbit shaped porcelain wine holders to automatic, self-tipping racks to wire wine trees, the wine rack has been made in just about every form imaginable. If you are considering making a wine rack, remember the two most important elements of construction: that the rack will hold the size bottles that you want it to hold and the rack holds the bottles slightly downward so the cork stays moist. Also, keep the finished product and wine away from excessive light and heat. Wine racks' sole purpose it to hold your wine, keep it safe and keep it drinkable. After that, how it looks is entirely a personal choice.



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