The Hidden Wine Rack

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what are the options on hidden wine racks?

The Hidden Wine Rack

Hidden wine racks are like hidden rooms; they are so fun to find and they work great for small spaces or for homes that need to keep the bottles out of reach of children. Hidden wine racks are most often custom made, but you can also buy ones that fit into niches or that you can build into the wall yourself. The options include everything from simple hidden cross hatch racks to full refrigerated systems with a safe-style construction, complete with dial combination lock.

Wine racks can also be hidden right out in the open. Wine cabinets feature recessed wine racks and, when closed, appear to be a simple piece of furniture. Hidden wine racks many times are worked into kitchens and disappear into the woodwork along with the refrigerator and dishwashing machine. This option is also great for storing your more expensive wine bottles, since hidden wine racks are able to conceal the thick walls of a refrigerated system and even if it's just a normal rack, the fact that it's hidden will keep the light off the bottles. It is important to note that the hidden area shouldn't get excessively hot (above 80 degrees) and if the area you have selected to store the wine gets warmer than that, it might be a good idea to install a small air conditioner in the space as well.



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