Build Your Own Wooden Wine Rack

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Build Your Own Wooden Wine Rack

Sometimes a modular wine rack just won't fit the space you need it to. Then the options become to either get a custom wine rack or to build one. Building wine racks can be a great weekend project that creates a great conversation piece in your wine room or wine cellar. Building a wooden wine rack requires knowledge of woodworking and a few basic power tools such as a circular saw, a router, and a few large clamps.

Begin by finding a basic wooden wine rack design. Then measure the space you're looking to use for the rack. Modify the plans to fit your space and any specific bottle sizes you may want to accommodate. One of the biggest advantages of building your own wine racking is the ability to create a custom rack that no one else has but fits your needs exactly.

Once you have the plans worked out, decide on what type of wood you want to construct your wine rack out of, as well as what color stain, finish, or paint you will be using on your wooden surface. When you build your own wine rack, you can choose exactly the wood and finish that will best suit your wine room décor.



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