Custom Wine Cellar Design

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Custom Wine Cellar Design

You've decided on a custom wine cellar design because you just don't want the same look as you see in others' wine cellars. Consider first the climate of your area and the space you have allocated before starting any customized wine cellar project. Knowing what type of climate you live in greatly affects your custom wine cellar decisions. For example, the United States has several climate zones with varying temperature and humidity levels. Your climate type, combined with where your home is located and the specific location of the wine cellar in the home will have a major impact on your custom wine cellar design process. Once you know what type of layout, climate control options, and style options are available to your specific needs you will be able to start making the important decisions involved in the real custom aspects of your wine cellar, the aesthetics.

Mahogany is the sturdiest wood, and usually recommended for custom wine cellars. This leaves the choice of the color stain and the finish. You want your custom wine cellar to be unique, but be sure you don't make it impossible to find wine cellar accessories or decorations with your stain color choice. Traditional stain colors can be used to complement a variety of styles and are sure to make your choices more plentiful when choosing furniture, accessories, and artwork.



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