It All Starts at the Door of Your Wine Cellar

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It All Starts at the Door of Your Wine Cellar

You've taken the time to design a custom wine cellar, but all of those details don't make the first impression; the door does. Set your customized wine cellar apart from the other rooms of your house with a wine cellar door that sets the tone of your wine cellar experience. Your wine cellar door gives your visitor the first impression of the style and tone of your customized wine cellar and lets them know this isn't just another room in the house for you.

Wine cellar doors are available in several basic style types, each with a wide variety of choices. Styles include classic styles with glass, arched styles, styles featuring wrought iron, or a speakeasy door. Think of the wine cellar door as the punctuation you put on the sentence that is your custom wine cellar design. Match the style of your wine cellar door to the rest of your customized wine cellar and bring the room together. Make sure you consider any climate considerations when choosing your door style.

For a more pronounced effect, you can even add matching sidelights to many wine cellar doors. You must be sure that the door type you choose will keep your wine collection in premium condition.



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