Do You Need a Wine Cellar in Your Home?

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Do You Need a Wine Cellar in Your Home?

If you have asked yourself the question, “Do I need a wine cellar in my home?” then the answer is yes, and the real question is probably, “What kind of wine cellar do I need in my home?" A wine cellar is a significant architectural modification to your home, and you want to make sure that it will serve you well for years to come.

First, exactly what purpose do you want the wine cellar to serve? Will the room be solely for storage or also serve as a tasting room? Determining the primary purpose of the addition to your home is important in making the decision as to what your needs are.

If you will primarily be using the room for storage, think about how many bottles you may want to store and look into options that utilize commonly underused space, such as shelves that fit beneath stairs. Closets can also be great spaces to convert into a home wine cellar.

If you have a large number of bottles to store or are also planning on using your home wine cellar as a wine tasting room, make sure to consider where the room is located and the affect it will have on climate control in your home wine cellar design. The question isn't really whether you need a home wine cellar, but how big your needs are.



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