Do Different Wine Varieties Require Different Storage?

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Do Different Wine Varieties Require Different Storage?

You've read all the best wine serving tips and you can recite a few dozen wine tasting tips when you get together with your friends, but you want to be the source of wine information for your circle of friends. So when the guests at your wine tasting ask about wine storage and the different varieties of wine, you want to have the best answer. Saying that they all are "basically the same" seems like a cop-out.

However, it really is the right answer. So how do you make it sound smart? Does a Merlot really require the same temperature as a White Zinfandel or a Shiraz? Just stating that all the wine varieties you store need the same conditions is bland; spice it up by letting your guests know just how specific proper storage conditions are. Describe the effects of light, the temperature stability requirements, and the humidity concerns associated with cork. On the surface an answer that "they are all the same" makes it sound much easier than it is. You want to be appreciated for taking the time to care for the wine you are enjoying with your friends and family.



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